Random sample sequence of my musician/tecnician portfolio 1992-2012

Taken from my work with: Kairo / Biscuit / Cloudmachine / Evandro Demari / Scuttle Buttin´ / Ian Parry / Virgin Brides / Anaxes / Phat Groove Unit / Consortium Project / Wishcraftt

Producing Music in the widest sense of the word since 1979.

  • Live-, studio- and mastering engineer
  • Music producer / composer / arranger
  • Bass guitar / Vocals / Sequences / Keyboards
  • Styles: pop / rock / blues / soul / funk / fusion / dance

Of Dutch origin. Recording, producing and engineering at numerous recording studios in Holland (Cat Music, The Cave, RS29, Bananas) as well as building three studios of his own (all BrainEye).

I moved to Brasil in 2006, and continue my studio work as usual: studios Mosh and Midas (São Paulo); Acit, SOMA and Audiofarm (Porto Alegre RS).

Performed and recorded as musician with (artist or band):

  • Ian Parry Solo Band (UK), with whom he recorded three albums; 
  • Scuttle Buttin´ (tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan), which recorded for three albums,
  • Biscuit, recording an album and two singles,
  • Wiedus, featuring Ingeborg Wieten, recording an album and a single,
  • Evandro Demari, recording one album,
  • Phat Groove Unit, recording two albums,
  • Wishcraftt, recording two albums,
  • Various solo projects such as Pangaya, Pyrogee, and Kairo.

Noteable co-appearances on record, on stage or in the rehearsal room:

Hans Dulfer, Jan Akkerman, Tony Spinner (Toto), Marcos De Ros, Joe Stump (Reign of Terror), André Christóvam, Fernando Noronha, Ian Parry, Arjen ´Ayreon´ Lucassen, Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Stephan Lill (Vandenplas), Ivar de Graaff (Within Temptation), Alemão Ronaldo, Luis Carlini

Noteable livemixing:

Fresno, Cachorro Grande, Nacional Kid, Blackbirds, Akashic, Abril, Symphonic Orchestra UCS, Opera Pámpa, Anáxes, Elixir, Magic Slim (USA), Apocalypse, Astafix, Garotos da Rua, Zerodoze, Lunes, Vera Loca, Grosseria, Garage Fuzz (USA), Xilarmonica Graforreia, Celso Pixinga, Frank Solari, Agent Orange (USA), Scelerata, Tierramistica


Noteable (production-) engineering:

Marcos De Ros, Fresno, Abril, o Rappa, Evandro Demari, Tutti Frutti, Kairo, Pyrogee, Phat Groove Unit, Passagem, Anaxes, Bruxa Roots

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